It all started when…

Mia Aquino is the founder of Hat Tip Digital LLC, a social media marketing agency based in Lancaster, PA. After spending a decade in the industry as a social and digital media strategist, Mia launched Hat Tip Digital. Hat Tip Digital connects a brand with its audience to build awareness, growth, and reputation through social media.

Mia has worked with leading entertainment, media, and news brands, crafting social media and content strategies, building community engagement, growing audience, and spearheading partnerships. Mia was previously the Director, Social Media Marketing at Publishers Clearing House, where she oversaw both the social media and content strategies. Mia has led both the audience growth and social media strategies at WME | IMG’s fashion OTT Made to Measure, as well as social media strategy at VH1 and Fusion. She also worked in social media, engagement, and content roles at The Huffington Post, CNN, and in the local markets at KDKA Radio Pittsburgh.